Over 30 years in creative, even our dogs are creative (you should see what they'll do for a cookie:)) 

Although our singing could use a little work, we are up for any challenge your company faces. 

Lori Osiecki


Beati means Happy

Happy means...
doing things you enjoy  with people you like,
listening to the creative voice inside your head that tells you 

"sure it's a crazy idea, but go for it"
Which is just what I did.
And that's how I started my own production company.
creating happy things that rhyme, sing and jump.

I like my job

When I am not working, you can find me swimming laps.

In fact, everything I do starts in the pool before it hits the paper.

Alex Opechowski​

Writer/Editor/Video production

Here’s a little 101 on yours truly, just to let you know what you’re dealing with :D
Let’s SEE…

I hate ranch on salads.

My style is always on the move.

My love for reading has no bounds.

Except where the dictionary and Moby Dick are concerned.

There is a slew of libraries across the nation who, with rallying cries of enthusiasm, are sharpening their pitchforks and lighting their torches. I have the unfortunate problem of piling up library fines…

I have a strong aversion to clam chowder.​
If “dancing” and “Jack” are used in the same sentence:
a) find the nearest church/bomb shelter. armageddon is coming, like, NOW!
b) casualties are about to be sustained

I am totally terrified of electric staplers. Eeek.