Beati Productions is a creative production company providing a spectrum of wholesome, fun, animated programs and products. 

Beati is home to; Max On Snax®, a little boy just this side of five who loves to prepare snacks, Sunny Pepper’s Going Places®, using her imagination ticket, Sunny and her cast of zany characters travel the world, The Maybees™ who live in a world that lies somewhere between “yes” and “no”, Schmingdom Kingdom®, where everyone is Royalty, & Itz think®, zany text messengers.

Beati hopes to encourage smart choices and hearty laughter with occasional jumping and singing.

In addition to our own intellectual properties, we have been the creative behind the branding of many companies, such as Brandi's World, featuring Brandi Chastain, Big Toy Book, Rascals & Routines, as well as many others.

Our work includes all aspects of the brand development including logo, character creation, marketing, website design, presentations, product design and event planning.

We enjoy working with start-up companies as well as established groups to bring their vision to market.

About Beati

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